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Especially on those lazy weekends I used to search for new food delivery services around; and always end up in ordering via those famous services like foodpanda, KFC Delivery or Pizzahut delivery. Since UberEATS already started in Malaysia, the battlefield is so active. Even though all of them provide same type of service, there are pros and cons including delivery charge, delivery time etc.

Restaurants offering Delivery Services in Malaysia

There are few fastfood chains in Malaysia that offer home delivery service. You can login to the portal/app and order online to get your favorite food.

Domino’s Pizza | Pizza Hut | KFC | Nando’s | Kenny Rogers | McDonalds | Papa John’s | Canadian Pizza

Listing down some of the famous and best services from my past experience. Please note, the order doesn’t means those are best or worst services, you may try and experience it.


Foodpanda has a wide coverage in Malaysia including Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Subang, Shah Alam, Cyberjaya and Penang (Foodpands is available in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong , Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Brunei)

Ordering in Foodpanda is very easy and they got options like vegetarian, halal, arabic etc and listed almost all well known restaurants in the service list. Also they accept online payments, which make our ordering more easy. Usually they offer free delivery as promos and keep monitor for the email newsletters once subscribed.

Delivery fee : 5 MYR

Average delivery time : ~30 min

Download : iOS | Android |  Web


The famous UberEATS is in town last month and Uber is not only Taxi hailing word anymore for Malaysians. Similar to FoodPanda, UberEATS has most of the well known restaurants in their menu basket and yes, that’s interesting. UberEATS accept debit cards, Credit Cards and Cash on delivery options and there is no minimum order requirement. If you have already an Uber account, your added payment options will list down in UberEATS app as well.

Delivery Fee : 5 MYR

Delivery Time : ~40 min

Download : iOS | Android | Web

Dah Makan

In dahmakan, you have to order your food atleast one day in advance for the lunch if I am not mistaken. This is good in other terms as the order is confirmed and you dont need to wait for your food next day by looking down countdown timer. Each day they offer healthy dishes and the prize varying from 20-25 MYR. Also they offer meal packages for week and you can just wait for everyday’s food. No delivery charge for selected area and they accept credit card, online banking and cash on delivery.

Delivery Fee : Free for selected area

Download the app: iOS | Android | Web


Like dahmakan, cooked also offer more than 10 healthy dishes for delivery everyday. They accept lunch delivery only and order must be placed before 11am every day, though you can order in advance for next days.

Delivery fee : 5 MYR (check for latest update in site)


As they claim, Mammam is a Halal Certified Asian Meals Delivered On-Demand service. Mammam offers most of the cuisiness in Malaysia including Chinese, Indian, Malay and Thai. Food price starts from ~15 MYR and their Toll Free Number 1800-88-6266 is good help for order issues. By accepting credicard, online payments and cash on delivery, Mammam makes payment very convenient. You can see, this is a good place to order authentic Malay dishes like Nasi Lemak, Sambal petai, Rendang etc. Read about their delivery service and options.

Download : iOS | Android Web

Other options

Other than above listed items, there are few other services like runningman,, wedapao, These are not much famous but still an option on emergency and lazy situations.

Gini Gangadharan

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