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  1. Vinod says:

    Wow, indeed useful. Thanks team

  2. Robert says:

    Thanks a lot for the info. Really appreciated.

  3. Arif says:

    Can anyone help me with the process to cancel the LTSVP for my parent. My employment ends before the expiry of LTSVP and me and my parent will be leaving Malaysia. Do i need to cancel their LTSVP or let it expire naturally in next few months?

    • Sorry for late reply; we have overlook the comment.
      Usually it will expire like any other dependent visa if I am not mistaken.
      You don’t need to cancel unless your parents has some plan to visit Malaysia in a different Visa.

      We will check in our groups anyway and will update you if got any news.


  4. Phanisanthosh Kumar V says:

    Hello team: thank you for your kind assistance, very informative; pls assist me with following queries;

    1. What is the total cost for LTSVP (if applied directly i.e., without agents)?
    2. one of the agents are charging 2,500 MYR (Immigration Fee & Agent’s charges), is this a fair enough?
    3. please elaborate the process of applying LTSVP (website is asking for employer login)

    • Hi,
      It’s depends on how you are processing and seems 2500 is reasonable. We are checking in our circle on that.

      Please see a comment from our reader on SVP

      “hi all,

      sharing my experience applying Social Visit pass for my colleague’s parent,

      Step 1. Apply online at mdec site
      Docs Required:
      1.a Full copy of passport of parent
      1.b Under taking letter by company director
      1.c proof of relationship (This affidavit certificate can be obtained from BLS/India HighComm minor difference in parents name in passport is not a problem)
      1.d Copy of passport size photo to be uploaded
      1.e principal EP holder passport copy (first, last and EP pages)
      1.f Personal Bond affixed with RM10.00 revenue stamp (sampe )

      Payment : Rm.530.00/pax

      Once the online application approved, will be able to download the approval letter

      STEP 2 : using the approval letter get entry visa stamping from india and enter to malaysia

      STEP 3: Submit online application for endorsement after they are in malaysia
      Payment : Rm.550/pax

      Once payment made submit passport to mdec for endorsement”

      • Musa says:

        I will like to apply for a short-term social visit to Malaysia, I’m single not married yet, how can I go about it?

        • Hi Musa,
          LTSVP is for long term stay.
          For short term(max 30 days) you can simply get Visit Pass (for tourists) or visit Visa. You can get it via online (for those counties approved by Immigration) by yourself or get it from any travel agent.

          If you are applying online, it will be 90days validity with multiple entries, but each visit you can stay up to 30 days only.

          If you are applying via agent – for stamped Visa- it will be 1 year validity, stay and entries are same.

          Thank you

        • Hi Musa,
          LTSVP is for long term visit pass (usually for parents or relatives)
          For a short term visit you can simply apply for a visit visa.
          – online visa will give you 3 months validity and 30 days stay for each visit
          – stamped visa (via travel agents) will give you 1 year validity and same 30 days stay for each visit

          Thank you

      • Rithesh says:

        Is there a format for this:
        1.b Under taking letter by company director

  5. Mohamed Safi Moosa says:

    If i bring my mother on a normal social visit pass and then after she is here , since i hold the Employement Pass via EXPATS, may i know if i can still apply for LTSVP or my mother has to travel only after the approval letter.

    Regarding the relationship certificate, my passport has mothers name which is same as what is mentioned in my mothers passport, will this serve to prove the relation ship or i still need the relation ship certificate. i saw the BLS website, they ask to fill the form, but i dont see much information there as i speaks about adding names in passport.

    • Mohammed Safeer says:

      Based on my experience with MDeC,
      Can apply while in Malaysia I think. When filling the online form there is one part to fill current visa details if they are already in MY.

      Relationship certificate is a required doc to be uploaded

  6. Mohammed Safeer says:

    Based on my experience with MDeC,
    Can apply while in Malaysia I think. When filling the online form there is one part to fill current visa details if they are already in MY.

    Relationship certificate is a required doc to be uploaded


    Hi Mohamed Safi Moosa, Since your mother is already in Malaysia, your HR team\concerned visa applying authority should be able to stamp Journey performed Visa(JPV) in her passport, which means that already the journey has been done from home country. You may need to pay for this which normally includes in the total cost for applying the LTVSP.
    Relation ship certificate is a mandatory document needed for applying LTVSP. If you see that there is no change in name of your mother in both the passports(yours and you mother’s), then you can go ahead and apply for Relationship certificate The form that you mentioned(eap2.pdf in BLS website) is needed to be filled and submitted while applying for Relationship certificate. You dont have to mention : Particulars of Children to be included / deleted : as this is irrelevant to your need.

    • Mohamed Safi Moosa says:

      Thanks for your reply. I got the Relationship Certificate from BLS and also the personal bond. Will apply for the LTVSP in few days now. Just want to confirm if its also needed to submit theh birth certificate along? since my birth certificate does not cover my moms name, not sure if it will serve any purpose here even though if i get it CTC from BLS. Currently iam planning not to do so. Let me know if there is any concern.

  8. Bobby says:

    Hi, I wish to bring my mom to Malaysia. I have a valid employment pass and she is living in India at the moment. I have already applied for the relationship certificate from BLS. Waiting for it to arrive.
    However, my employer is asking for attested copies of birth and Mom’s marriage certificate. Is that necessary?

    • Hi Bobby,
      As per our friends who did this item, birth certificate is for your child, marriage cert is for your spouse and for parents it should be a relationship certificate. You can see the process in above article.
      Hope you have parents name in your passport.

  9. Rajat says:

    Hi, I’m looking to apply for Long term visit pass for my mother. Can you pl suggest some agents with reasonable fee, for the same.

    Thanks – Rajat


      Hi Rajat, So far in my knowledge this has to be processed via your HR\official agency approved by your company.

  10. Rajat says:

    Thanks Jagath. Is there a way I can get it processed on my own, as the agent suggested by our company is super expensive

  11. Rohan Bhambhani says:

    How to Make the Personal Bond?


    Hi Rohan,
    Please follow the link: to get the affidavit template.
    You need to get the stamping from commissioner of oaths on this document. Once this is ready, can submit to BLS along with application for relationship certificate.
    Hope this helps!

    • Rohan Bhambhani says:

      @Jagath and Gini, Thank you very much for this wonderful articles and also your support with regards to my queries.

      I went to BLS yesterday. The helpdesk informed me that they can’t issue Relationship certificate as there is one alphabet extra in my mother’s names on my passport. Affidavit won’t work. I am not sure how accurate this information is considering BLS has a very bad track record.

      Would you provide any insight ?


        Hi Rohan,
        I also had the same situation and BLS only advised me to get an affidavit from the commissioner of oaths stating the names mentioned in respective passports are of same person and this has been done on last August 2018 as well. I would suggest you to get the affidavit first and then produce it to BLS, just mention that you got the affidavit for the change in names(spelling).
        By the way what did BLS team replied to you if affidavit dont work?

        • Rohan Bhambhani says:

          Hello Jagath,

          Thanks for the reply. BLS Advised me to check with relevant visa issuing party or immigration Malaysia. I found this advice strange. I did tweet to MEAquery however not reply. BLS is notorious for giving wrong information.

          I will follow your advice and let you know the outcome of this.

  13. “Hi,
    Nice article, if you wish to read more about Long Term Visit Pass you can read the below article.

  14. Wei Sheong says:

    Hi, i want to know is there a cooling off period if the foreign spouse previously is work permit holder?
    I want to apply LTSVP for my wife but reject by immigration due to she not go back her hometown and stay for 6 month to fulfill the cooling off period. 6month cooling off period mean she can’t enter Malaysia at all for this 6 month period, if enter Malaysia before the cooling off period complete, then the cooling off period will be start over again from the date she leave Malaysia. Is this is true?

    • Hi Wei Sheong, if this is for your wife, LTVSP is not applicable. You can simply apply for dependant visa. Just need to cancel your wife’s work permit (need to liaise with her employer) and apply for dependant visa with your employer. (You need to coordinate to align with time lines)

      We didn’t hear any issue with cooling period; will check in our circle anyway.

      Thank you

      • Wei Sheong says:

        Hi, thanks for your reply. Maybe i miss out the work permit information. Her work permit was terminate on Jan 2018. Our marriage registration was done on Oct 2018 in Malaysia. Immigration had check and confirm all the document is complete, but they reject the LTSVP application because she didn’t stay at her origin country for at least 6 months to fulfill the cooling off period after the work permit is terminate. They not able to tell the reason on why to do so, just said this is direction from Putrajaya, i want to know is it true that application for LTSVP need to fulfill the 6 months cooling off period which can’t enter Malaysia totally at all? I had email to immigration and home ministry, not response from them, very unprofessional.

        • Hi, not sure there is such rule for 6months cooling off.
          And why you are applying for LTSVP ? You should apply for dependence visa.

          • Wei Sheong says:

            What is the different of LTSVP and dependence visa? I not sure there is dependence visa option. As i know spouse of Malaysian is to apply for LTSVP. In future for PR application, the applicant shall be LTSVP holder for at least 5 years.

  15. Mohamed Safi Moosa says:

    For LTVSP (mother) I got the Relationship Certificate from BLS and also the personal bond. Will apply for the LTVSP in few days now. Just want to confirm if its also needed to submit theh birth certificate along? since my birth certificate does not cover my moms name, not sure if it will serve any purpose here even though if i get it CTC from BLS. Currently iam planning not to do so. Let me know if there is any concern.

    • If it is for your mother, only Relationship Certificate is enough; which already justified your relation with your mother. We never heard such issues, but just check and confirm before you do it from BLS (no need to pay for that)

      All the best.
      (Share those updates once you have any)

      • Mohamed Safi Moosa says:

        May i know how long does it take to approve for LTVSP? Iam bit scared here since my mother is already entered Malaysia but she has to leave within 30 days. Iam thinking if i should go for Visa extension to get some more time for the LTVSP process. Will the reason of applying LTVSP be applicable for visa extension, any experience, please share.

        • Hi Mohamed,
          Sorry for late reply.
          If I am not mistaken, as per late process we need to enter Malaysia with first stage for processing LTSVP. You cannot process once come with visit visa.

          Btw, did you get any update ?

  16. Mahesh Sankar says:

    Hi, I had applied for LTSVP for my parents-in-law and got the approval letter from MDEC. For stamping the Stage 1 visa, do they need to go to Chennai (nearest consulate and specified the same in MDEC approval Letter)?

    Can they go through any travel agent or do they need to go in person to do that?
    Could you please tell me about the documents required and any fees involved?
    Also, how much time it takes for getting Stage 1 Visa stamped?

    Much appreciate a reply.

  17. Mahesh Sankar says:

    Hi, Thanks for the information shared.

    I applied for LTSVP for my parents-in-law and got the MDEC approval letter.
    It is mentioned in the letter that they will need to get the Stage 1 Visa stamped from the Chennai consulate (since they are in Kerala and the nearest consulate is Chennai).

    Could you please let me know whether they need to go in person to do Stage 1 stamping or can they get it done through some Travel Agent?
    Do you know how much it costs and the duration of the same?

    Much appreciate a reply.

    • Hi Mahesh,
      1) Yes, Chennai consulate is the nearest for us in Kerala.
      2) As per our knowledge, the person doesn’t need to visit Chennai Consulate in person. You can do it via any travel/visa agency. Just visit the agency with original passport and printout of Reference letter (You may sent the softcopy via email to home and ask them to take a printout; original is not needed)
      3) The cost may vary from agency to agency. If I am not mistaken they might charge some 4000 – 7000 INR.
      4) It will take about 7-14 days (including processing and courier delay)

      Thank you

    • Btw, how did you get the relationship certificate for your parents-in-law ? (heard BLS is not issuing this for parents-in-law)

      • Mahesh Sankar says:

        Hi Gini,
        Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I managed to get the relationship certificate by providing my wife’s passport (she holds Dependent Visa). They just asked for her Passport & Visa copies and her parents Passport copies.

  18. Muhammed Suhail says:

    Hi Gini,

    My mother’s long term visa of 1 year validity is expiring in a few months. How do I renew her pass before the visa expires ? Can it be done while she is still in Malaysia or does she need to go back to India ?

  19. Muhammed Suhail says:

    Hi Gini,

    My mother’s long term social pass of 1 year validity is expiring in a few months. Can this pass be renewed for another year by the time it expires ?

  20. zaki says:

    Dear All,

    Please somebody help,, i have enquired to so many they dont have correct answer.
    Actually my wife is in india and my company in malaysia is not providing me dependent visa, i have two doubts about taking vis,
    1. If i take multiple entry visa can i bring my wife after everymonth exit to india or top near country, is there problem will happen in migration or they allow us to come again?

    2. if above is not possible i have to apply for social visit pass, How i should apply for that,, whether i need to go chennai embassy and manually apply for that or can i do through any agency?, once come to malaysia how i should proceed,, what documents needed for chennai embassy and here in malaysia council.

    please suggest me.

    • Hi Zaki,
      First of all, please check with your HR why they are not helping on Dependant Visa ?
      A) if it’s something you need to pay for the processing, ask them to help and tell you can pay for it.
      B) if it something by rule/law, check what is the blocker. There will be some reason.

      1. That’s not a good option. You can survive for 2-3 months and every time you need to show a ticket to India(or exit ticket from Malaysia). And immigration officer will ask you about the reason for continuous multiple entry to Malaysia on Visit Visa. Not a good option at all for long stay.

      2. If not mistaken, you still need your HR to help to process LTSVP. And this is not meant for wife/kid but for parents or relatives.


  21. Raj says:

    Hi Ganga,

    Today, I went to BLS, to attest my marriage certificate, for first time dependent visa.
    They said the marriage certificate is no longer attested in Malaysia, instead they are issuing relationship certificate for my wife, which they said I can submit to my HR for dependent visa.
    Can you please confirm this.

    • Hi Raj,
      Not sure about that. Some of our friends/readers already confirmed that, they have done Marriage and Birthday certificates attestation very recently (1 month ago)

      Between, do you have your wife’s name on your passport ? (Or your name on wife’s passport)

  22. Wilson Kuek says:

    very helpful article

  23. Dr. M. A. Obaydullah says:

    Very helpful information on Malaysian dependent pass. Please tell me how long validity is needed for parents’ passports. As parents, our passports have 20 months’ validity, and our son is on EP under category 1 in Malaysia.

  24. Nadaradjane says:

    My Company is not ready to give Authorization letter to process Long Term Social Visit Visa for my mother. I hope I can apply on my own without employer’s letter as I am going to own the expenses. Can anyone please confirm?

  25. Piyush Govil says:

    Hi – I’m an expact working in Malaysia. I want to bring my mother here with me. I saw LTSVP is an option. But can i apply it on my own without my employer’s assistance ? I asked my employer about sponsoring it and they denied it since they have limited quota.
    Please let me know the option where i dont need my employer’s approval

  26. Wilson says:

    Hi. I am a Malaysian and is planning to setup a small-medium size partnership business in Malaysia with a Indonesian partner. My partner is required to visit Malaysia few times in a year and each visits could stay for 1-3 months.

    In this circumstance, what type of pass is suitable?

  27. Alex says:

    Hi Gini,

    I married my wife (she is Malaysian) about 6 years ago and due to some issues, we are going to divorce. I want to ask how the cancelation/termination process will be in Malaysia? is it possible for the local wife or husband to apply for visa termination? please advice me with some information.

    Thank you

    • Hi Alex,
      Sorry for that.

      Actually we don’t have any information about the same. You need to contact the immigration department and get their advise.

      also check with your employer (if you are working ) for the new Visa to stay in Malaysia.

      Thank you

  28. Raghava says:

    Hi Gini,

    I have contacted MYxpats helpdesk to check if i can apply for LTSVP as an individual. They said it needs to be applied by the company trough the company ESD login. The passport endorsement and collection can only be done by the authorized person listed in the ESD system. The applicant or principal holders are not allowed to submit the documents on behalf of the company.

    Mt mother is currently in India and she might need to go via a as local agent to get the passport endorsed in Chennai (as my company doesn’t not have a branch in India nor will they take the effort to do this) .

    Now my question is does this agent info needs to be in my company ESD system?

    • Oh okay. Yeah what we heard is correct.
      Employer need to help on this; even we are ready to pay for LTSVP, some employers are not providing this arrangement.

      I am not sure an agent in India can do; please make sure you getting correct visa before your mother planning fly.

  29. Siti says:

    Hi, I’m Malaysian and my husband is Indian passport holder. I am planning to apply for him LTSVP in Malaysia. So, can he just apply tourist visa to enter Malaysia and once he is here we will apply for LTSVP? Thank you.

  30. Shiva says:

    Hi Gini,
    Thanks for the information, it’s very helpful.
    Iam on an employment visa in Malaysia. My wife and children are on dependent visa. Can I bring my mother-in-law on LTSVP. If yes how easy is the process and what are the documents required for the same. What will be the duration of LTSVP and is it renewable?
    Thank you.

  31. Audy says:

    My brother is working as an expat in Malaysia. Does anyone know how to apply for a long term visa to stay for 3 – 6 months?

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