COVID 19-Traveling Experience from Singapore to Cochin

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COVID-19 pandemic made all of us to re-think about our travel plans wisely as most of the countries still have restrictions on entry permits and also quarantine and COVID-tests. Not only the leisure travels but the usual or annual vacation plans to home countries also suddenly collapsed. But we all know we will have some situations where the only option is proceed with the travel with proper permissions and approvals in place. So, I would like to share my recent travel experience between Singapore and Cochin (India) during COVID19.

Note: It is highly recommended to avoid travel during this period as many of the countries have some strict rules and it is difficult to complete your return travel.

The purpose of this document is to  prepare yourself with the right  expectations as set by the government authorities and ensure a smooth and safe journey.

Note: Please be reminded that Singapore updates the travel regulations frequently. Always double-check the SAFETRAVEL portal as well as High Commission of India in Singapore (HCISingapore) website directly. 

Process for Travelling from Singapore to India

  1. First of all, if you are an EP/SPass/WP holder, then you need to get approval from your employer. In case your return date is known, please state so in the mail to your employer. The Ministry of Manpower (MoM) approves the return travel case by case. Also note, there is no pre-approval process for return. 
  2. Verify the Vande Bharat Mission Repatriation flight details to your destination and book your tickets. In case of a connecting domestic flight, you might have to undergo COVID test at the port of entry in India. Please check the landing airport/state guidelines for details. 
  3. As of Mar 21, ALL Passengers traveling from Singapore to any destination(s) in India are to undergo a pre-travel COVID-19 RT-PCR test within 72 hours before undertaking the journey. 
  4. Make an appointment with the clinic or walk-in if you have less than 24 hours. The minimum time required for PCR test results is 24 hours. Clinics approved by MOH can be found here . A further note, two clinics I called recommended to take the test before 2:30pm to get the result the next day morning.And the test costs is between 168 – 175 SGD.Take a print-out of the ticket and carry it along with the passport and EP/PR card when you go to a clinic. If you are travelling with infant/child, make sure to check the clinic offers PCR tests to them as some clinics do not offer PCR tests for below certain age.
  5. Make sure to register in HCISingapore , if you’re an Indian citizen with an Indian passport or here if you are an OCI/Foreign national. Once you register, you should receive an email with the registration number and PDF. In my case, I received an error “Form Submitted has been moved” and never received an email from them. I had to call them directly on their WhatsApp helpline[+65 94519814] and direct telephone line[+65 6737 6777 ]. Please don’t expect an immediate response. After multiple calls in the telephone  line, I was only able to reach an operator around 11am and received email by 6 pm. Alternatively, you can try to send an email to  [email protected]
  6. Once you receive the test result[QR code and .oa file], please save it and upload to Notarise SG portal. A complete tutorial of the notarisation process may be accessed here.
  7. Please submit the AIR SUVIDHA form. In case your seat is unassigned, please mention unassigned and proceed to fill up the form. Upload your passport along with Notarised negative PCR result that you received in step 7. 
  8. Make sure you have below documents printed out [Mandatory – 2 in SG and 1 to show in India]:
  • Notarised negative PCR result [3 copies]
  • Air Suvidha submitted form[3 copies]
  • HCISingapore Registration PDF[2 copies]

 At Singapore Airport Departure

  • At the airport, all the documents are verified and sealed by airport staff before you check in[Separate Queue]. Undertaking form will be provided to you by the staff.
  • Once you receive  the seal, fill up the ‘Undertaking’ form before you proceed to check-in. 
  • After filling up the undertaking form, you will be allowed to check-in and will be provided a boarding pass. 

Once you reach Indian Airport

Depending on your destination state, please make sure to register online on the respective government websites. Registration links for below states are given below:

  1. Kerala
  2. TamilNadu

After arriving in India, once you take your baggage, you have to go through a COVID test based on the location regulations. Most states in India consider travellers from Singapore relatively Covid-free and might not even test you for COVID. Undertaking form asks you  to sign for 14 day self-quarantine irrespective of wherever you go. Please verify the respective state government websites for quarantine details.

Please share via comment box if you have more details. Thank you

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