Smartphone Photography Tips – Make Your Photos Live


I am not a professional photographer, but I want to be :). As DSLR cameras are so cheap and available to everyone nowadays, all those DSLR owners always pretend to be a “professional photographer”, but not. We can see still people –exclude those serious travel photographers– use their smartphone camera for taking pictures while traveling; because it is easy to carry andย handle. Thanks to technology as we have superb cameras in smartphones now, even some smartphones got 10px front cameras. So, sharing some simple tips for taking photos using your smartphone camera; especially while traveling.

Take a lot of pictures

As this is digital age, nothing to worry about films and always take plenty of pictures. Fire multiple shots for each scene and choose the best later. And remember to take snaps from multiple angles, wide or close-ups.

Use burst mode if available

Burst mode will help you take cool snaps especially when the object is moving. Also helpful as sometimes you can choose the best frame out of 10 frames.


Use flash wisely

We all know flashlight on smartphone cameras are not good enough and not much manageable. Most of the time using flash will blow out the frame and photos wont be usable. So a friend with Smartphone is the best solution; use his flashlight, make your frame study in terms of light, shoot with your camera ๐Ÿ™‚

Use Camera Grids

Use of grids while taking photos are great help in terms of alignment; you can save time on cropping and adjusting the angle. Also do read about Rule of Thirds.


Use High Resolution

Always set highest resolution available on your smartphone. More higher resolution means better clarity for your images.

Always wait for that moment

Learn how to quickly open Camera app on your smartphone as some moments will not wait for you. eg: on iOS 10, swiping to left will open the Camera App.

Do not Zoom

All cameras (exclude smartphones with Dual cameras) are coming with Digital zoom and by zooming you are re-sampling the pixels. Better go closer as much as possible and take photos; crop it later.

Do not use filter

By using filter, you are spoiling your raw image. Take normal pictures and edit using any app like Photoshop Express, or SnapSeed.


Always use Back Camera/Main Camera

Front cameras are made for selfie snaps, and wont useful for better photos. Even with a Tripod Selfie stick you can use your back camera for taking selfies ๐Ÿ™‚

Use better Camera Apps

If you are feeling that your default smarphone camera app is not satisfying you, use better but usefull camera apps. There are plenty of free camera apps in store and try better one.

Use a Selfie Stick with Tripod

Those are so handy and easy to carry (Not like heavy DSLR Tripods). You will see the difference soon after you use this accessory by getting shake-free and stabilized images. Also easy for taking group photos while traveling ๐Ÿ™‚


Enable GeoTagging

Enable GeoTagging on your smartphone or DSLR while taking pictures; this will help you to identify the exact place where you took the photo.