Anggrek Kuring – New Indonesian Taste in Cyberjaya


After few discussions and โ€œvotingโ€, we choose Anggrek Kuring, Shaftsbury as the venue for our Team Lunch; and realized that it was not a bad decision. A nice looking interior with cool ambience will sure attract those โ€œtaste huntersโ€. The menu looks bit costly, but worth; you need to try and comment on it.

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This is an Indonesian Cuisine – more specifically Sundanese (West Java) restaurant-, suitable for corporate gathering, guests, family birthday or union and tourists. As we went for team lunch we have ordered some meal sets and here goes some snaps.
Go and try your look.

anggrek-kuring-new-indonesian-taste-in-cyberjaya-(1) anggrek-kuring-new-indonesian-taste-in-cyberjaya-(2) anggrek-kuring-new-indonesian-taste-in-cyberjaya-(4)

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