Average Cost of Valentine’s Day Flowers in Singapore in 2022

With Valentine’s day coming up, solve your present problem with a classic bouquet of flowers! Read on for our curated lists of quality bouquets, affordable florists, and other bouquet alternatives to express your love to your loved ones.

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Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? You can never go wrong with a classic bouquet of flowers–but how do you choose which one to get?

On average, flower bouquets can cost anywhere from $70 to $150 in Singapore. If you are a student or someone who is looking to express your love on a budget, this can be an intimidating cost to manage.

Luckily, several florists offer high-quality bouquets for as low as $20 if you are looking for a cheaper alternative. If you want to get creative, you can also look into other flower arrangements such as bloom boxes, which are much cheaper than bouquets while looking just as pretty.

To help you navigate this season of love more easily, we have listed down some florists together with the prices that they offer so that you can choose the option that suits you best.

Mid-Range Options

FloristPrice Range
Blooming PoetS$115-S$145
Bloom RoomS$98-S$188
Botany StudioS$98-S$125
Far East FloraS$75-S$235
Floraison StudioS$129-S$179
Floral MikelleS$75-S$200
Flower AddictFrom S$129
Flower AdvisorFrom S$102
Flower ChimpFrom S$84.90
Flower MagicS$100-S$185
Flower StoryFrom S$138
Lou FLower StudioFrom S$135
Mirage FLowersS$100-S$150
Petit FleurFrom S$105
The Floral AtelierFrom S$135
TOKI Flowers and GiftsS$74.80-S$144.90
Urban MeadowS$115
Windflower FloristFrom S$89.90
XpressFlowerFrom S$105
24 Hours City FloristFrom S$95

High-End Alternatives

If you are planning to go above and beyond this Valentine’s Day to find a way to upgrade your classic bouquet, there are several intricate and high-end arrangements out there for you to pick from.

Here are a few options you can consider:

1. Vases from Charlotte Puxley Flowers

In addition to the usual bouquets, Charlotte Puxley Flowers offers special vases to go with their flowers. Some of these vases have been handmade and customised for the bouquets that they go with, while others are specially sought overseas to best fit their flowers.

With these vases priced at a range from $100 to $515, there is no better way to upgrade your Valentine’s Day bouquet of flowers than with a meaningful addition like this one.

2. Hampers from Flower Addict

As part of their Valentine’s Day collection, The Flower Addict offers special hampers ranging from $319 to $645.

These hampers allow you to bundle your bouquets together with artisan chocolate, luxury candles, and champagne, and are a sophisticated way to add a little something special to your Valentine’s Day gift.

3. Luxury Bouquets from La Atelier Singapore

La Atelier is a luxury flower studio that offers high-end bouquets. Their Valentine’s Day special collection includes luxury bouquets that are priced at $230, and are a great choice if you want a more elaborate and intricate bouquet to gift your loved ones with.

4. Crowns from The Floral Atelier

Apart from the traditional fresh flower bouquets, The Floral Atelier also offers luxury flower crown arrangements. The crowns from their Valentine’s Day collection are priced at $385 and $450 and feature special flowers that have been sought from international fields.

Cheaper Alternatives

On the other hand, if you want to get flowers but are not ready to spend up to hundreds of dollars on an arrangement, here are some cheaper alternatives that you can use to express your love just the same.

FloristPrice Range
Elly Sera FloristFrom S$40
Fav FloristFrom S$35.90
Floral GarageFrom S$21
Flowers and kissesFrom S$45
Little Flower HutFrom S$50
Happy BunchFrom S$40
Posies of LoveFrom S$65
Smiling FloraFrom S$55
The Floral CrewFrom S$25

Fresh flower bouquets are not the only type of flower arrangements that you can get for Valentine’s Day. Florists also offer other unique arrangements such as bloom boxes and dried flower bouquets. In addition to offering a creative and interesting alternative to the usual bouquet, such arrangements are also much cheaper on average, making them a great way to spice things up while still keeping your budget manageable.

Here are some interesting choices that you can consider:

1. Bloom boxes from The Bloom Box ($35)

The Bloom Box offers flower arrangements in custom-made bloom boxes that are creative and convenient. Apart from the daily arrangements available, The Bloom Box also offers special rose arrangements for Valentine’s Day, with all boxes priced at an affordable $35. If you want to get extra creative, you can also get one of their Bloom Box Home DIY Kits at $45 and try your hand at arranging the flowers yourself!

2. Bloom boxes from The Daily Blooms (From $35)

The Daily Blooms is another florist you can get bloom boxes from. What makes their Valentine’s Day collection special is that they allow you to submit a photo that will then be printed out as a polaroid photograph to be included in the bloom box, giving your flowers a personal and intimate touch that is perfect for the occasion.

3. Dried Bouquets from Made at Mums ($30.50)

Unlike fresh flower bouquets, dried bouquets can last up to years. They also have a unique charm with their cool, muted colours. Made at Mums offers a wide range of dried bouquets all priced affordably at $30.50. If you’re looking for a quirky and long-lasting option, this might be the one for you.

4. Felt Bouquets from Adorninglory ($48)

If you want something even more unique than dried bouquets, Adorninglory offers flowers made out of felt. With a bright and cute look, their felt bouquets are the perfect choice if you’re looking for something that will last forever while also holding the beauty of fresh flower bouquets. They are priced at a competitive $48 each, which is much cheaper than most traditional fresh flower bouquets out there.

Average Costs

Overall, the average cost of a classic bouquet from a mid-range florist is between $100 to $130. Cheaper alternatives, which include cheaper bouquets or other floral arrangements that are cheaper than a typical bouquet, usually cost between $30 to $40. Regardless of your budget or your preference, there is sure to be an option that could be your perfect gift this Valentine’s Day!


To find the average cost of Valentine’s Day flowers in Singapore, we analysed the prices offered by 40 florists and flower studios across the island. We specifically looked at the most common type of Valentine’s Day flower arrangement offered (medium-sized bouquets) from the Valentine’s Day collections offered by the stores selected.

For florists or flower studios that do not offer curated Valentine’s Day collections, the prices of similar products from their general collection were noted. All florists and flower studios were then split into 2 categories (mid-range and cheap) according to their price ranges, and an average cost for each of these categories was estimated based on the prices offered by all stores within a category.

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This article was originally published in ValueChampion, a personal finance research firm in Singapore and republished on rovervibes.com with permission.


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