Malayalee Events in Singapore

Singapore event is calendar will be always filled with stunning list of events and happenings. Because the Malayalee community here in Singapore is so active, we have number of Malayalee events happening every year. We used to see more than 20 Onam celebrations (!) in this small islands an year; small or big, doesnโ€™t matter. And most of the Malayalee associations and organizations used to arrange their annual events and other funcions island wide.

Keep watching this space for more updates.

Various associations in Singpore used to arrnage Onam celebration every year with Onasadya and other performances. Some of them are SMA Onam, RP Onam, Yishun Onam, etc.

Kairalee Kalanilayam is an Indian art house in Singapore, who arrange various stage programs including drama, dance programs etc.

In 2019, various organizations in Singapore joined together to arrange โ€œSingapore Pooramโ€ here, which resembled the great thrissur pooram until some extend.

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