Uber has sold its Southeast Asia operations to Grab

We have received a wonderful news on March 26; it was about a great acquisition – first big consolidation – in the ride-hailing industry. Bigger regional rival Grab has acquired the Southeast Asia operations of Uber Technology Inc. As part of the dealing, Uber would get a stake of as much as 27.5 percent in the company. Also Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will join Grab’s board.

This acquisition will takeย over Uberโ€™s operations and assets in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia,ย Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

The Uber app will continue to work for 2 weeks during the transition.ย Grab is planning to integrate Uberโ€™s ridesharing and food delivery business in the region into its platform. Uber Eats will run until the end of May, after which Uber delivery and restaurant partners will move to the GrabFood platform, Grab said. That means, Grabfood is coming to Malaysia as well; indeed a good news.

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Grab is focusing on below areas as per sources.

  • Food delivery – Grab will rapidly expand its existing GrabFood businesses in Indonesia and Thailand to two more countries โ€“ Singapore and Malaysia โ€“ following the integration of the Uber Eats business.
  • Transportation – Grab will grow its core transport offering to include more localised transport services and new mobility solutions, in partnership with other transport providers and automakers. Grab will also collaborate with governments and public transport operators to link public transport services and create seamless and integrated multi-modal commuter experiences.
  • Payments and financial services – Grab will continue to enhance and expand its suite of offerings under Grab Financial, including mobile payments, micro-financing, insurance and other financial services for millions of underserved and unbanked consumers, micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses in the region.

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Here see the General FAQ

What does this deal mean for passengers?

In the immediate term, nothing will change and operations will continue as normal. As we work together to combine the Uber and Grab platforms, you can expect better service with more drivers and transport options available on one app.

Will I still be able to use the Uber app?

The Uber service will be available in Southeast Asia for two more weeks until 8 April 2018, as we onboard Uber drivers to the Grab platform. Uber riders can immediately download and use the Grab app to book rides for your travelling needs in Southeast Asia.

How do I start to use the Grab app?

Just download the Grab app from Google Play or App Store, register your account with us and thatโ€™s it! You can start riding with Grab today. For passengers new to Grab, welcome! There are in-app tips on how to use the Grab app for ride bookings, GrabPay, GrabRewards and more.

Whatโ€™s the difference between the Grab and Uber apps?

The most important thing is the same โ€“ you can book your daily rides easily, on-demand and choose the transport service you prefer, whether car or taxi. You also get more out of Grab. With GrabRewards, you can also enjoy more value with your rides. Ride, earn points, and redeem them instantly for benefits such as vouchers for coffee, cinema tickets and more. Or if you prefer, you can also redeem your GrabRewards points for discounts off your next ride

Grab also has GrabPay. Itโ€™s easy to top-up. Use it to go cashless when you pay for rides.

Will fares change?

No. For services that are on dynamic fares such as GrabCar and JustGrab, fares will continue to be calculated based on a base distance, with a dynamic surcharge that will be applied based on factors including demand and supply in that particular point in time, traffic conditions and estimated time taken for the journey. This is a fair calculation for drivers as they navigate varying road conditions throughout the day. This means fares are lower in low demand periods โ€“ and vice versa โ€“ which helps match drivers to passengers efficiently throughout the day.

Passengers who choose GrabTaxi (Metered) and GrabTaxi (Executive) options will continue to pay by metered fares that are set by the taxi companies.

Grab has always focused on both our driversโ€™ and passengersโ€™ needs, and weโ€™re unwavering in our mission to provide a variety of safe and affordable transport services for customers in Southeast Asia. Passengers should always have a choice of taking the transport service that best suits them, whether in speed, cost or comfort.

Will I be able to get a ride faster?

Weโ€™re working hard to onboard Uber drivers onto the Grab platform. We appreciate your patience during this transition timeframe if there may be any service disruptions. In the following weeks, youโ€™ll be able to enjoy a faster booking experience, as we welcome more drivers to the Grab platform.

What happens to my account information in the Uber app?

You can still view your past trips and ratings in the Uber app. Your Uber account remains active and can be used when youโ€™re in any country outside Southeast Asia where Uber operates. Data that you previously shared with Uber (excluding payment information) will be transferred to Grab, but it will not be visible in the Grab app. If you are new to Grab, we will still need you to register your account with us to start riding.

Iโ€™m an Uber Eats customer. What does this mean for me?

Please visit grab.com/my/comingtogether-food to learn more.

I am an Uber for Business customer. How will this change affect me?

Uber for Business services for employees of local and global companies will not be supported for trips taken in Southeast Asia after the transition. Uber rides outside of Southeast Asia will still be supported through existing Uber for Business agreements.


Source : Grab | Reuters.com| Channel News Asia

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