What Are The Documents And Items I Need To Carry While Travelling To Malaysia

Since Malaysia introduced eVISA and eNTRI for Indian nationals, a lot of people are choosing Malaysia as their destination for next trip.

Read How to Apply for Malaysia eVisa and eNTRI โ€“ Everything you need to know.

Required Documents

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You may refer below checklist and make sure you keep all documents.


Make sure your passport is valid for more than 6 months on the date of arrival and should have enough page (more than 2 empty pages mandatory). Also, it would be great to keep copy Of First And Last Page Of Passport.

eVISA/eNTRI Printout

Make sure, you have printed out your eVISA and keep hardcopy with you. (Keep multiple copies as standby)

Air Ticket / Bus Ticket

Take printout of your Air/Bus tickets including return trips in case immigration asked to provide evidence. DO NOT use a dummy return ticket as it may cause trouble later and in case anyone do some verification.

Hotel Accommodation Or Cover Letter

As I mentioned above, keep printout of Hotel booking details (or cover letter which you have used while applying Malaysia eVISA, if you are staying with friend or relative) with you.

Birth Certificate

Not a mandatory item, but it would be better if you find any difficulties during immigration checks.

Show Money (For your expenses)

This is for your expenses during your stay in Malaysia. There is no clear instruction but keep minimum 1500 MYR (and 2500 MYR for a family) with you.

We heard several cases in which visitors were not able to show the money or provide any evidence that they have enough fund to live in Malaysia during their stay. And you might end up in situation where immigration team will send you back in next available return flight or send you to shelter home (kind of jail in this case) until there is a decision.

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