Bike-sharing app oBike expands to Malaysia

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Ever wondered about the ride-sharing app’s growth ? As a regular customer of Grab and Uber, I know how easy to get a taxi using these apps and those awesome features like tracking the ride, cashless payment options, rewards, safety etc.

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oBike is not a new name for Singaporeans as the “station-less” bike sharing service was launched in Singapore last Jan (2017). Eventhough oBike is in a battlefield where giants like ofo and mobike already in strong positions, they managed to expand their service in Malaysia as well in last April; the good things is that, other two services yet to launch in Malaysia. As per news and updates, they are focusing on short rides and I found those bikes parked near the lobby of Shaftsbury Square cyberjaya.

You need to pay one-time deposit to start using the app, yeah this is usual for any other bike-sharing services and this is refundable within 30 days. Once login, booking/getting a bike is very easy as below.

After use, you can park your bikes at any designated parking area.

Indeed, this will reduce the traffic as Malaysian are more interested on recreational cycling and ride-sharing platforms are popular here.

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